Iron Deficiency Anemia And Iron-Restricted Erythropoesis (Previously Called The Anemia of Chronic Disease) – Some Resources With Excerpts

As I reviewed the two Curbsiders Anemia podcasts, Episodes #52 [Anemia – Tips And Tools For Dx And Rx] and #84 [Anemia, Iron Deficiency, IV iron, and Tony Stark], both discussed true iron deficiency (truly deficient iron stores)  and iron-restricted erythropoesis (iron stores present but unavailable for erythropoesis due to inflammation [formerly the anemia of chronic disease]).

Dr. Steensma in Episode #52 recommends

Iron deficiency anemia: Ferritin <20 suggests iron deficiency. Soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) is inversely related to iron levels in blood. It is NOT sensitive to inflammation. High sTfR level indicates iron deficiency even if ferritin elevated.

Anemia of CKD: Hypoproliferative, normocytic (usually), and normochromic anemia. Must rule out other causes. Etiology = decreased renal erythropoietin synthesis +/- decrease RBC half life +/- absolute or functional iron deficiency (e.g. bleeding or inflammation respectively).

Anemia of Chronic Inflammation: High ferritin, low TIBC, normal serum iron, and normal or slightly high transferrin saturation (serum iron divided by TIBC). These patients rarely respond to oral iron therapy. IV iron recommended by Dr. Steensma

Dr. Auerbach, in Episode #84, states

Iron absorption and metabolism: Iron gets conjugated by acids in the stomach to vitamin C, amino acids, and sugars to protect it from the alkaline rush of the pancreas, which would turn it to ferric hydroxide (rust) and block absorption. Iron gets actively transported into cells in distal duodenum and proximal jejunum. Ferroportin exports iron from the cell into the plasma where it binds transferrin and is carried to the transferrin receptor for erythropoiesis. Excess iron gets picked up by macrophages and stored until needed. Hepcidin blocks ferroportin, which impairs iron absorption/release from gut epithelial cells and circulating macrophages (Wikipedia – Hepcidin diagram).

Iron restricted erythropoiesis: Also called functional iron deficiency, or anemia of chronic inflammation (disease). Diagnosed by normal or high serum ferritin and low transferrin saturation, generally <20%. These patients poorly absorb PO iron because of elevated hepcidin levels, but will respond to IV iron, which is directly available in the blood -Dr Auerbach.

Iron deficiency without anemia: Iron deficiency has neurologic, systemic symptoms even in absence of anemia. These patients should be treated with IV iron (Dr Auerbach’s expert opinion). Fatigue improved in patients with ferritin <15 ng/mL regardless whether or not anemia was present (Krayenbuel et al. Blood 2011)


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