Link To Downloadable PDF Of The Wellington ICU Drug Manual With Additional Resources

In this post I link to the Wellington ICU Drug Manual home page.

Other great resources for Emergency IV Medications include:

  • Pressordex Critical CareMedication Guide, 4th edition. 2020. Emergency Medicine Residents Association.
  • 2020 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care For Health Care Providers. 2020 American Heart Association.
  • Resuscitation Crisis Manual. 2018. Leeuwin Press.

And here is the link to the downloadable PDF of the manual.

All that follows is from the Manual:

The following references were used in compiling these monographs:

Fink, Mitchell et al.  Textbook of Critical Care. 5th edition 2005

Ashley, Caroline and Currie, Aileen. The Renal Drug Handbook. 2nd ed. United Kingdom: Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd, 2004

Shann, Frank. Drug Doses. 14th ed. Intensive Care Unit. Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia, 2008

McClintock, Alan et al. Notes on Injectable Drugs. 5th ed. New Zealand. NewZealand Healthcare Pharmacists’ Association, 2004

Medsafe Drug Data sheets (New Zealand Medicine and Medical Devices Safety
MIMS Gateway:

An online version of this drug manual, optimised for smartphone & tabletviewing, is available at:

An offline version is available for download (as a PDF) from:

The most up-to-date version of this drug manual will always be available online.

Should any discrepancies exist between the printed & online versions, the latter should always take precedence.

And here are PNGs of the Preface and of theTable Of Contents pages:



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