Link To “EMCrit 316-Vertigo And Posterior Stroke With Peter Johns”

In this post, I link to Dr. Weingaurt‘s outstanding post, EMCrit 316-Vertigo And Posterior Stroke With Peter Johns, January 28, 2020.

In order to access this resource, you must be a member of EMCrit. I strongly recommend membership (I belong).

Therefore, I have not included any of the resources in Dr. Weingaurt’s post. Just join EMCrit and follow the link above.

But I have included the introduction to the post.

Way back in episode 33, we discussed the diagnosis of subtle posterior stroke and differentiating emergent and safe causes of vertigo. Over the years, I still note confusion on these issues. Luckily, while surfing Youtube, I came across a doc who is obsessive about vertigo, Peter Johns…

Peter Johns, MD

Since completing his emergency medicine residency at the University of Toronto in 1989, Dr. Johns has worked at the Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa Canada. Over the past 20 years, he has become a passionate teacher of vertigo. His accomplishments include a YouTube channel about vertigo with over 5 million views, and co-authorship of the vertigo chapter in the most recent edition of Tintinelli’s textbook of Emergency Medicine. @peterjohns84



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