Links To Principles of Autonomic Medicine, v. 3.0

In this post, I link to the free open source 756 page PDF, Principles of Autonomic Medicine, v. 3.0, by David S. Goldstein, MD PhD.

Dr. Goldstein writes:

Why did I write this book?

First, I wrote this book to teach trainees in autonomic disorders.
The fellowship in autonomic disorders at the NIH is accredited
by the United Council for Neurological Subspecialties (UCNS).
I want to help autonomics fellows pass the UCNS certifying

Second, this book conveys an integrative approach to
autonomic medicine. .  .  . Dysautonomias provide a
platform for linking systems biology with integrative

Third, I wrote this book to highlight clinical catecholamine
neurochemistry and neuroimaging. These are extremely
informative but underutilized ways to diagnose and understand
the pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying many autonomic

Fourth, I’ve designed this book to be a resource that patients, students, clinicians, and academicians can share.

A Shared Resource

The text highlighted in blue is taken in large measure from my
book, Dysautonomias: A Handbook for Patients. Hopefully,
lay people, patients, and caregivers will be able to comprehend
the highlighted text. At the end of the book is a large glossary.
Hovering over words or phrases pops up balloons that show the
definitions in the glossary.

Here is the Table Of Contents of the book.


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