“Peds Soup: A Pediatrics Podcast” Recommended By The Curbsiders

The Curbsiders is a great Internal Medicine podcast series that every primary care clinician can profit from.

And in their most recent email newsletter  [link is to how to subscribe to the newsletter] they recommend:

  1. Peds Soup podcast – A lot of people ask @thecurbsiders for a rec on Peds podcast and MedEd Learning. Peds Soup is a different format (no interviews) but offers high-yield knowledge food in 15 minute segments on core Pediatrics topics. Very well done, great content, and greater for shorter commuters with shorter patients.

Here are links to all of the Ped Soup Podcasts. At the time of this post there are about 40 podcasts.

And here are direct links to each of the podcasts:

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In our first episode dedicated to developmental milestones we go over the basics of speech with an assist from my toddler

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You’ve got three patients with diarrhea on the schedule for clinic – we’ll talk through how to decide who needs testing and who should just keep pushing fluids at home

A handy startup guide for a new human – we’ll cover initial assessment, preventive care, and screening along with the reasons why we do the things we do for newborns. Spoiler Alert – it’s to make sure they stay alive

V2E13 – Measles

Get ready for you next exam or outbreak with our guide to diagnosis, treatment, and most importantly prevention of measles

V2E12 – Limping

Your patient isn’t walking quite right – what do you do next? We’ll break down the approach to a limping patient to get you on the right track to making a diagnosis

After figuring out how to make the diagnosis in part one, we’ll pick up with a review of medications and how to use them to manage your patient’s asthma

Asthma is a huge topic in pediatrics, so huge that we’re splitting it into two episodes. Here in part one we’ll go over the risk factors for asthma, ways to predict which wheezing patients might eventually be diagnosed, and how to make the official diagnosis of asthma

V2E9 – Reflux & GERD

The difference between gastroesophageal reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease and what to do for the patients who need your help

Dr Angela Rabbitt, the program director of the Child Abuse Pediatrics fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, joins us for a discussion about what every pediatrician should know for dealing with cases of child abuse and neglect

Winter is here – and we have to decide what’s going on with three patients who all have the same chief complaint

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How to decide if your patient has an infected bone or joint and what to do when you make the diagnosis

Your quick reference for diagnosing and managing kids with diabetes

V2E4 – Abdominal Pain

Reviewing what to do with patients with abdominal pain – both acute and chronic – especially how to tell which ones you need to be worried about

Talking through why we care about lipids in kids, who to screen, and what to do with the results

Our first trip into rheumatology covers the two most common types of vasculitis in pediatrics

V2E1 – Influenza

We’re back with new episodes! We’ll go through vaccine recommendations, diagnosis, and management, hopefully before the actual flu cases start coming in

V1E20 – ALTE and BRUE

ALTEs and BRUEs are always challenging, in this episode we try to use the evidence to help sort out which babies are probably fine and which might need help

Diagnosis and management of kids with acute kidney injuries

V1E18 – Hypertension

We’ll take a look at how to approach kids with high blood pressure – it’s not just for adults!

How to identify and treat common skin and soft tissue infections from impetigo all the way to necrotizing fasciitis

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Your handy guide to identifying patients in respiratory distress and what to do to help them out while you figure out the underlying problem

Reviewing thyroid disorders from congenital to acquired and hypo- to hyperthyroidism plus a note on thyroid nodules

A handy guide on how to recognize and manage failure to thrive

How to diagnose a pneumonia, what to treat it with, and who needs to be hospitalized. All that, plus some updates on what to do with procalcitonin

A step-by-step guide to figuring out your patient’s acid-base status with a few examples to help along the way

Causes and management of one of the pediatric problems that’s guaranteed to show up on your next exam

V1E10 – Food Allergy

How to diagnose a true food allergy, what to do for management, and how you might be able to prevent food allergies from developing in the first place

Diagnosis, management, and follow up imaging for UTIs in kids

V1E8 – Infant Sleep

How babies sleep – both physiologically and safely. It sometimes comes up on boards and is 100% guaranteed to be a topic if you talk to anybody with kids

How to diagnose dehydration and decide the best way to get your patient the fluids they need

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V1E6 – Bronchiolitis

Management of one of the most common diagnoses in pediatrics

Deciding whether or not your patient needs blood, how to give it, and what to watch out for

A guide to screening, diagnosis, and management for some of the most common sexually transmitted infections

A case based discussion on managing febrile seizures

How to diagnose and manage patients with ear infections

V1E1 – Growth

Growth patterns – from dwarfism to giants with plenty of stops in between

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