Promotional Products For Your Brick And Mortar Store Or Ecommerce Site

You can efficiently promote your business (ecommerce or brick and mortar) with branded products such as caps, t-shirts and much more. Here are a couple of examples:

Fig 1:

Fig 2:

And, of course, there are many other less expensive promotional products that you can give to your clients or customers such as keychains, calendars, magnets, mousepads, flash drives, etc.

White Castle uses a company called Halo Branded Solutions [this is not an affiliate link – I’ve included it just for my readers convenience] to deliver their promotional products.

When you type in “Halo Branded Solutions” into the Chrome search box, you will also find on the first search page the following:

Fig 3:

And on the second search page for the above search term in Google Chrome you will find:

fig 4:

The above two images, figures 3 and 4, are why you never want your clients to have to use Google or any other search engine to find your website. And that is because, in addition to finding your website, they will find a whole bunch of your competitor’s websites.

If you can, it is better for your business if your promotional products feature “” if that is possible and appropriate.


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