“Recognizing Post-Viral Syndromes & Tools for Management” By Lucinda Bateman, MD

In this post, I link to and embed Dr. Lucinda Bateman’s YouTube video, Recognizing Post-Viral Syndromes & Tools for Management, 59:17, Aug 1, 2022, from Bateman Horne Center.

Bateman Horne Center has partnered with the University of Utah Health to conduct a Long COVID and Post-Viral Syndromes ECHO (Project ECHO). This series delivers information to healthcare professionals utilizing short didactics and case-based learning to enhance their ability to manage patients with long COVID, ME/CFS, FM, and related comorbid conditions.

Lucinda Bateman, MD, discusses:

  • The history of post-viral syndromes (PVS) – ME/CFS triggers, presentation, and diagnostic criteria
  • SARS CoV-2 impact, presentation and possible causes of post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC)
  • Case examples
  • Dysautonomia and orthostatic intolerance (OI)
  • Assessing functional impairment: Good Day/Bad Day Questionnaire
  • Introduction into common comorbid conditions associated with PVS, ME/CFS, and PASC
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