Repost – The Palliative Care Network Of Wisconsin – Direct Links To 360 Summaries Of Palliative Care Treatment Plans

This is just a repost of this post from March 3, 2019. I did so because a friend had a question about where to get treatment plans for palliative care (relief of distressing symptoms). Reposting makes it easier for both her and for myself to find and review and review the topic.

 Palliative Care Network Of Wisconsin website is an outstanding resource for everything related to palliative care. And it is relevant to all physicians,nurses, patients and families not just those involved in hospice care. The entire website should be explored.

There are 360 palliative care treatment plans covering every aspect of palliative care.

For doctors, nurses, and patients or family members, the best place to start is Fast Facts and Concepts: “Fast Facts provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based summaries of key palliative care topics. Each Fast Fact is printer-friendly.”

There are over three hundred topics covered in Fast Facts and Concepts. There is a search function on this page. And the majority of these topic sheets are relevant for symptom management of all patients, not just for terminally ill patients. There are topic sheets on determining prognosis in chronic diseases. Again just use the search function for the disease you want to review.

I looked through all 360 topics (at the time of this post) and I recommend that you click on the Fast Facts lists below to get an idea of the incredible breadth and usefulness of these resource.

But for the quickest access to the management of any symptom, simply click on Fast Facts and Concepts and type the symptom into the search box on that page.

Here are links to lists of Fast Facts:

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