A Link To And Resources From The ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus

This post features a link to and Resources from The ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus [Link is the Functioning Risk Estimator Plus app].

The following is from the above link:

For Optimal Use:

  • Estimate patient’s 10-year ASCVD risk at an initial visit to establish a reference point.
  • Forecast the potential impact of different interventions on patient risk.
  • Reassess ASCVD risk at follow-up visits. Follow up risk incorporates change in risk factor levels over time and requires both initial and follow up values.
  • Use the information above to help with clinician-patient discussions on risk and risk-lowering interventions. [This point refers to the three tabs at the very top of the app screen: Estimate Risk, Therapy Impact, and Advice Tab]

See the “About the App” screen in this app for a definition of terms and additional instructions.

What follows below is a non-functioning picture of the app.

And here is a link to About The App: which has information on:

  • The why and how of risk assessment*
  • How to use this app for risk assessment


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