Review Of And Links To Dr. Josh Farkas’ Internet Book Of Critical Care Chapter “Neurological complications of COVID”

In addition to the outstanding chapter referenced below, Dr. Farkas, in the chapter, links to other related neurological chapters that I list below and plan to review over the next days.

In this post, I reviewed and link to the Internet Book Of Critical Care‘s [TOC] Neurological complications of COVID. June 24, 2022 by Dr. Josh Farkas.

What follows are links to the above resource.


  • Avoid assuming that a neurological abnormality represents a rare COVID-related abnormality (e.g., acute necrotizing encephalopathy).  Statistically, patients are most likely to have common disorders (e.g., stroke).
  • Avoid attributing any neurologic abnormalities to nonspecific encephalopathy due to COVID.  Patients often may have specific, treatable neurological disorders.
  • Whenever possible, try to follow standard ICU protocols and procedures (e.g., sedation weaning, early mobilization).


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