The Newborn Examination – Some Excellent YouTube Videos

The following are useful reviews of the newborn examination.

Learn Pediatrics: The Newborn Exam – Published on Apr 9, 2014. “This video is of a full pediatric examination on an infant.”

One caveat on the above video. The newborn is completely undressed during the entire exam. This is only appropriate if the exam is done under a radiant warmer [as the lecturer notes in the video]. Normally, to avoid cooling the infant, you would want the infant dressed during the exam. You would expose only that part of the infant necessary for the exam being done (say, an upper extremity or the abdomen) and then recover that part and move on to the next stage of the exam.

In the following video the exam done in the delivery room under a radiant warmer. One caveat about this video: many doctors and nurses would not take a rectal temperature but rather would do an axillary temperature measurement.

NICU Nurses assessment of a Newborn Baby – Published on Oct 26, 2014

The following video is from the mom’s point of view.

Gentle Newborn Exam-Freestanding Birth Center – Published on Oct 25, 2013
“After 2 hours of skin to skin the nurse came to do the baby’s newborn exam. It was done with me in the room. The baby NEVER left me or the room! I cannot express how awesome of an experience I had with a midwife and a freestanding birth center.”


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