Urologic Emergencies From Emergency Medicine Cases

In this podcast I link to the outstanding July, 2020 Emergency Medicine Cases‘ podcast and show notes, Ep 143 Urologic Emergencies – Priapism and Urinary Retention: Nuances in Management: [Link is to the podcast and show notes.]

Podcast production, sound design & editing by Anton Helman

Written Summary and blog post by Shaun Mehta and Deb Saswata, edited by Anton Helman July, 2020

In this month’s main episode podcast on Urologic Emergencies –  Priapism and Urinary Retention with Dr. Natalie Wolpert and Dr. Yonah Krakowsky we answer questions such as: for priapism, how much time to do we have to fix it before there’s irreversible tissue damage? How is priapism managed differently depending on the cause? What is the value of a corporal blood gas for managing priapism? What are the indications for cavernosal phenylephrine injections? What are the common medications that cause urinary retention that we often miss leading to needless recurrent urinary retention? Why is a suprapubic catheter in many respects safer than a urethral catheter for managing urinary retention? Which patients are at high risk for complications of post-obstructive diuresis? and many more…

And here are excerpts of the outstanding show notes:

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