A Link To “The 10 books every paramedic should own”

The above article* by Paramedic-Educator Kelly Grayson, NRP, CCEMT-P is relevant to all clinicians (MDs, NPs, RNs, and PAs) not just paramedics. I strongly recommend it and have purchased several of the books he recommends.

The 10 books every paramedic should own by Kelly Grayson, Dec 3, 2015:

As a medic you are a caregiver and a human body mechanic, not a parts replacer; educate yourself like one.

The article is on the site EMS1.com.

Among the books the author recommends is Tintinelli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide. The current edition is the eighth edition and published in 2015. The 9th edition is being released on November 8, 2019. Wait for the 9th edition.

The author also strongly recommends the book, People Care: Career-Friendly Practices for Professional Caregivers, 2005 [Please note: There is a 2018 Third Edition and that is the one you want]. Here is a quote about the book from an Amazon editorial review:

When you kneel in front of somebody”s grandpa who”s sitting on his couch and denying his chest pain, you need to recognize the pain he says isn”t there, detect the shortness of breath he hasn”t mentioned and sense the fear that”s absolutely dominating his consciousness. You need to appreciate the fact that his spouse, seated right there next to him, is scared to death she”s never going to sleep with him again. And somehow, you need to make everything better in just a few minutes. Thes are the dynamics of even the simplest emergency response. The presuppose the presence of gifts in us that not even the greatest teacher can impart – gifts that, unfortunately, come without instructions. This book is an examination of those gifts and a collection of the instructions that didn”t come with them. It”s based on the collective experience and wisdom of dozens of professsional paramedics and EMTs worldwide who learned to love the lifelong pursuit of helping others.

And I’d like to recommend the 2015 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care For Healthcare Providers.

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