“Angioedema” – Awesome Help From Dr. Mellick And From oreEM

Here are two great videos on Angioedema from Dr. Mellick’s YouTube Channel:

And here are links to two awesome resources on Angioedema from Core EM:

Here is the link to the podcast and show notes of Episode 107.0 Angioedema by Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH [Link is to a list of Dr. Swaminatham’s excellent articles on the site]:

Take Home Points

  1. Airway management is paramount, expect a challenging intubation and consider controlling the airway early
  2. When controlling the airway, consider an awake approach and fiberoptics if available. Always be prepared for the can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate scenario with a double set up.
  3. If the patient has urticaria and pruritus, the process is likely histamine mediated and will respond to typical anaphylaxis treatment
  4. Finally, observe the patient for progression of swelling and don’t forget to stop the inciting medication

Here is the link to the outstanding article of July 13, 2016 on Angioedema from Heidi Sher MD [Link is to a list Dr. Sher’s other excellent articles on the site.]


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