“Anaphylaxis” From The Curbsiders With Additional Resources

Note to myself – Be sure and review:

Here is the link to the podcast and show notes of #151 Anaphylaxis with Dr Olajumoke Fadugba
MAY 27, 2019 By EMI OKAMOTO MD from The Curbsiders.

Here is the podcast [embedded for your listening convenience]:


Recognize common presentations of anaphylaxis and stop under-treating this deadly allergic reaction with tips from Dr. Olajumoke Fadugba, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania! We review the basic pathophysiology and the standard criteria for diagnosing anaphylaxis, treatment basics, the primary importance of epinephrine, and the utility of adjunctive therapies. Also included are great tips on counseling patients about auto-injectable epinephrine, and a reminder not to panic…

As always the accompanying show notes are excellent so just go and review them now.

Here is the great infographic from Dr. Emi Okimato, the producer of this great episode:


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