Anticoagulation Reversal From EM Cases – Never Push IV Vitamin K – See Vit K Resource From Hopkins

This post contains a link to the section on Anticoagulation Reversal from the EM Cases Quick Hits*, September 2019.

*Helman, A. Swaminathan, A. Austin, E. Long, B. Rosenberg, H. Ho, M. Cheskes, S. EM Quick Hits 8 – Lemierre’s Disease, Clonidine Toxicity, Routine Coag Panel, Anticoagulation Reversal, Mechanical CPR. September, 2019. Accessed 9-30-2019.

The portion of the podcast on anticoagulation reversal is from 17:22 to 24:00.

Here are the show notes:

Anticoagulation Reversal: Review of CJEM’s ‘Just the Facts’ series
  • Consider reversal of anticoagulation if there is a life-threatening or major bleed.

Reversal by anticoagulant:

  • Warfarin: Vitamin K inhibitor
    • An INR should guide reversal, unless there is an immediate life-threat requiring immediate reversal. PCC (Octaplex in Canada) combined with IV vitamin K*  are the agents of choice.
    • [Never push IV Vitamin K*]
    • Make sure to repeat the INR 30 minutes and 6 hours post PCC dose.

*Appendix B: Phytadione (Vitamin K) Dosing Guidelines [PDF] 9-14-2009 from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

  • Dabigatran: Factor IIa inhibitor
    • If they have a normal aPTT there is likely not a large burden of dabigatran. If you are able to get a normal Thrombin time, this excludes dabigatran.
    • For reversal, PCC is the main stay.
    • Idarucizumab (Praxbind) is an agent available currently for reversal however it has not been studied compared to a control group. Its use is controversial but not unreasonable.
  • Apixaban, Rivaroxaban, Edoxaban: Factor Xa inhibitors
    • The only available agent for reversal in Canada is PCC. Studies with PCC do not have control groups.
    • In the US Andexanet Alpha may reverse blood peramers, however it is very expensive, has a high risk of thrombosis and has not been shown to improve patient oriented outcomes. Therefore it is not currently recommended by our experts.

References from the show notes

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