Cough In Children-Tracheitis 2018 From Pediatric EM Morsels-Link And Additional Resources

I just reviewed Dr. Sean Fox’s Tracheitis in Children: a 2018 Update from his outstanding blog Pediatric EM Morsels.

One of the many awesome features of his blog are the links in each post to topics related to the post. Each of the related posts are brief.

So I reviewed all of the posts below.

Note to myself: When you review your post, be sure and review all the posts below again. It doesn’t take long and these posts are awesome reviews.

In the Tracheitis post, there are direct links to other related posts from Dr. Fox:

Additional Resources:

(1) Bacterial tracheitis in children: Approach to diagnosis and treatment [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. Child Health. 2004 Jan;9(1):25-30.

(2) Never trust a croup… [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. BMJ Case Rep. 2011 Jul 20;2011. pii: bcr0320114014. doi: 10.1136/bcr.03.2011.4014.

(3) Croup: an overview [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. Am Fam Physician. 2011 May 1;83(9):1067-73.

(4) Croup: Diagnosis and Management [PubMed Abstract] [Start Of HTML Article]. Am Fam Physician. 2018 May 1;97(9):575-580.

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