Diagnosis And Management Of Dust Mite Allergy


(1) Dust mite allergies: Overview
Created: July 13, 2017; Next update: 2020.

(2) ODACTRA is the first and only FDA-approved sublingual tablet for HDM-induced AR, with or without conjunctivitis

Over 50% of allergies are caused by dust mites—and they could be making you miserable.

If the cold-like stuffed up, sneezing, irritated itchy nose and eye symptoms of hay fever (medically, allergic rhinitis) are making you miserable while indoors or year-round, it could be due to a common allergy: house dust mites.

Allergic rhinitis occurs when you come in contact with an allergen (a substance that causes allergic reactions). In millions of cases, house dust mites are the cause of this allergy.

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