Dr. Tabbut Of MetroHealth Emergency Ultrasound Explains “5 reasons why POCUS will make you a better doctor… And save the world!”

In this post, I review, link to, and embed the excellent YouTube lecture,  5 reasons why POCUS will make you a better doctor… And save the world! from MetroHealth Emergency Ultrasound, 51:11, Aug 27, 2022, by Matthew Tabbut, MD.

Note to myself and my readers: The best way to quickly review this excellent teaching video is to watch the video on YouTube. By doing this, you can follow the video using the transcript. And as you go through the transcript you will be automatically reviewing the slides.

I put these resources on my medical education blog because the blog’s WordPress search function easily allows me to quickly find and access my study resources.

And copying and pasting the slides in a post (like this one) helps me reinforce my learning. But again, I recommend my readers review the video on YouTube so that they can follow along with the autogenerated (but usually very accurate) transcript.

In this lecture from our Ultrasound Grand Rounds, Dr. Matthew Tabbut, MD talks about 5 ways that POCUS can make an impact on your clinical practice – specifically, 5 ways POCUS will make you a better doctor… and save the world!

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