Floating Doctors Ultrasound Series from Sonosite

The Floating Doctors Ultrasound Video Series is from Sonosite. It details how the doctors use ultrasound to help deliver care in remote areas.

When you sign up for email updates for new videos in the series, you will be taken to a page where you can download a PDF of Dr. Ben LeBrot’s paper “Ten Tips for Ultrasound in Remote Locations.”

In the paper, Dr. Lebrot recomends that you “Pick your probes for maximum variety of scans and prioritize scans that will probably be more common (prenatal scans are by far the most common in remote primary care). We carry the following four probes with our Sonosite Edge, allowing us to conduct a whole array of exams from the every present prenatal scan to the rarer orbital scan or visualization of the brachial plexus:

C60x, CllX, P21x, and HFL38x.

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