“Just A Routine Operation” With A Tragic Outcome – YouTube Video By Martin Brimley With Two Additional Resources

I’m  going through a review of all the Best Case Ever series from Emergency Medicine Cases. In BCE 57, the PREPARE airway management mnemonic was reviewed. It is an outstanding podcast.

One of the videos included in the above post was the tragic YouTube video, Just A Routine Operation, by Martin Brimley, July 6, 2011.

After you have reviewed the video there are two important resources you should review:

  1. Lesson From The Bromley Case by Dr Mike Cadogan, Nov. 3, 2020 from Life In The Fast Lane.
  2. The Case of Elaine Bromiley
      1. An 18 page PDF Report on the death Elaine Bromley courtesy of Dr. Weingart of EMCrit.
      2. Note to myself: I have a copy in my folders under the folder, The Bromley Case.

The most tragic aspect of this case is all of the physicians who undoubtedly knew what should have been done basically mentally froze and were unable to recognize the correct course.

The physicians were stuck in the “Can’t intubate–Can’t ventilate scenario” and were mentally unable to take the appropriate step.

As you will see in the video, a nurse who entered the room quickly realized what needed to be done and took appropriate action. But her effective plan was not successfully communicated to the physicians.

Here is the tragic YouTube video:


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