My Online Book – The Will’s Eye Manual: Office And Emergency Room Diagnosis And Treatment Of Eye Disease With An Additional Resource

In this post, I remind myself that I have a copy of the 2017 7th edition of The Wills Eye Manual: Office and Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease [This is not an affiliate link, I just put it in for other readers convenience.]

And with my purchase of the new edition I received a free online copy which is a very valuable resource.

I often by used medical books but in this case, it is worth buying the book new to get online access.

To get access, you put in the link .

Then you enter your password.

Reminder to myself, I also have purchased the online e-book EMPACT – Emergency Medical Patients: Assessment, Care & Transport. I purchased this book for the course of the same name at the Emergency Response Training Institute which I had to cancel. So I still need to take the course.

You Access EMPACT at the same site.



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