Myocardial Revascularization Guidelines And The Modified Heart Score For Determining Low Risk Chest Pain

11-13-2018: See also and maybe first Determining Low Risk Chest Pain Using The Modified Heart Score From Emergency Medicine Cases #64
Posted on March 27, 2016 by Tom Wade MD


(1) “Myocardial Revascularization Clinical Practice Guidelines (2018)” From The ESC – Links And Additional Resources
Posted on October 26, 2018 by Tom Wade MD

(2) SYNTAX Score website:

The SYNTAX Score is a unique tool to score complexity of coronary artery disease. As it is very important to use this scoring tool correctly, it is strongly recommended to complete the tutorial before first use. [from the above website]

(3) Chest Pain, ACS, and CAD – My Review
Posted on August 2, 2018 by Tom Wade MD

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