New York Times Articles On Creating Newsletters For Your Business

A newsletter can be a great way for you to build your community. There are many advantages to using a newsletter as opposed to Facebook. Here are some resources:

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See Her Newsletter Helps Women Look, Eat and Love ‘Like a Parisian’.By Rachel Donadio Jan. 26, 2017 

Though theSkimm’s approach is decidedly low-tech, it has paid dividends. The number of active readers has grown tenfold, Ms. Zakin said. The newsletter’s average open rate, or how many subscribers open the email, stands at about 45 percent. And the company now generates revenue via sponsorships from the likes of the National Basketball Association and Turner Sports. (With those partnerships came opportunities like having Paul Pierce, then of the Brooklyn Nets, and the commentator Reggie Miller deliver bite-size interviews.) Perhaps most strikingly, theSkimm has now drawn what Ms. Weisberg and Ms. Zakin call their “Skimm’bassador” program: enthusiastic subscribers who actively promote the service to their friends. Six months ago, the company counted 80 such representatives; now, the two founders said, the program’s participants number in the thousands.

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