Outstanding “Necrotizing fasciitis diagnosed on ultrasound. 5/2021” By Dr. Greg Zahn

Big point of the case: If you are worried that your patient has necrotizing fasciitis rather than just cellulitis, you need a stat CT scan of the extremity AND prompt surgical consultation. You may be able to make the diagnosis right away with a POCUS scan of the area. However, a normal US does not rule out necrotizing fasciitis so keep going with the CT.

Today, I review, and embed Dr. Greg Zahn‘s outstanding teaching video, Necrotizing fasciitis diagnosed on ultrasound. 5/2021.

All that follows is from the above resource.

Greg Zahn

May 23, 2021
Case description of a patient recently diagnosed with cellulitis, who presents with worsening symptoms. Ultrasound is utilized to help confirm the diagnosis and expedite management.






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