Reviewing The “Teaching Images” Post From Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

Dr. Smith’s ECG blog is the ultimate online resource for learning electrocardiography.

And be sure to review Dr. Smith’s Simplified STEMI(-) OMI Patterns Reference Sheet.

In this post I link to and review the “Teaching Images” post from Dr. Smith’s ECG blog. The post consists of 18 outstanding slides covering aspects of Occlusion MI.

Note to Myself: I’m going to list the title of each of the eighteen slides  and I’ll link to each of the graphic on Dr. Smith’s blog post, Teaching Images.


The OMI Progression on ECG

Occlusion-Reperfusion Era

T Waves: Hyperkalemia vs. Hyperacute

V Leads ECGs Of Hyperkalemia And Of Hyperacute T-Waves

[Flow Chart Of] The ACS Spectrum using OMI vs. Non-Omi Primarily

[Flow Chart Of] The ACS Spectrum Using STEMI vs. NSTEMI Primarily

Mortality Effects of Thrombolytics for Each Paradigm Extrapolated from FTT Meta-analysis

The Changing Paradigms Of OMI

Q-Wave vs Non-Q-Wave –> The Reperfusion Era –> STEMI vs. NSTEMI –> The Occlusion – Reperfusion Era –> OMI vs. NOMI

Differentiation of Anterior ST Depression: Posterior OMI or Global Supply/Demand Mismatch?

The Two Phenotypes Of Ischemia

Click here for Terminal QRS Distortion Infographic with links to examples

Terminal QRS Distortion

Tachycardias Diagram (simplified)

Full Tachycardia Algorithm

ECG Leads and Myocardial Territories

Hyperkalemia ECG Findings

Original vs. Modified Scarbossa Criteria for the Diagnosis Of Occlusion MI in LBBB



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