“The best lecture on Airway Management–Ever?” Dr. Weingart Asks

The source of this post is from critical care expert and master teacher Dr. Scott Weingart’s Emcrit Podcast 70 – Airway Management with Rich Levitan
April 1, 2012 by Dr.Scott Weingart of the incredible EmCrit Site.

Dr. Weingart’s question “Best lecture on Airway Management on Airway Management Ever?” refers to Dr. Levitan’s video below.

But, as always, Dr. Weingart includes even more useful stuff in his show notes including a link to view and download the pdf handout of Dr. Levitan’s slides, an Amazon link to Dr. Levitan’s outstanding book (The Airway Cam Guide to Intubation and Practical Emergency Airway Management), and a link to Dr. Levitan’s  airway site at airwaycam.com.

And everyone responsible for airway management must carefully review Dr. Weingart’s lifesaving podcasts on managing the physiologically difficult intubations which Dr. Weingart calls THE HOP KILLERS:

Here is the Link To Dr. Levitan’s outstanding video.

Tips from the video:

Face plane horizonttal parallel to ceiling.

The ET tube should be straight with about a 35 degree bend at the proximal tip of the cuff.

Nowadays you put in an LMA and then long fiberoptic scope and it is phenomenal how well it works.



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