5 Great Keto Bread Recipes – Links From The Huttington Post

I found the links below in the article,  FOOD & DRINK 5 Keto Bread Recipes That’ll Let You Eat Glorious Sandwiches: If you think going keto means giving up sandwiches, think again, 10/09/2018 from The Huffington Post.

So, here we go:

This recipe is from Low Carb With Jennifer:

90 Second Microwave Bread with Almond flour or Coconut Flour.

I bring to you today 90 Second Bread aka microwave bread aka keto mug bread.  What else are the kids calling it these days?  Almond flour bread? Anyway, the recipe is super simple and I provide instructions for almond flour or coconut flour and oven instructions.  Lets do this!

The ingredients we need for this microwave bread are:

  • almond flour or coconut flour
  • eggs
  • oil (melted butter, melted coconut oil, avocado oil)
  • baking powder
  • salt

That’s all you need to make this coconut flour or almond flour bread!

Mix all of the ingredients together with a fork and put it in the microwave for 90 seconds.

And here is what you’ll get:

Here are some tips I have found for this 90 second bread (keto bread):

  • Tap the container on the counter a few times to remove any air bubbles before you cook it
  • I found that a 4×4 microwave safe container made the perfect size piece of low carb bread that could be cut in half and stuffed with all the things
  • You could also use a ramekin that is 4 inches in diameter. This would be more like a keto mug bread.
  • If you would rather bake this low carb bread in the oven, you can use a ramekin and bake at 375 for 10 minutes
  • Toasting this 90 second bread makes it have a much better texture. you could also use a skillet to toast it in some butter. Yum!

Returning to the Huffington Post article on Keto Bread-Cloud bread:

This recipe involves whipping egg whites and carefully folding them into a yolk and cream cheese “batter.” It sounds simple enough, but it can be tricky to perfect. If you don’t whip the whites to the proper stiffness, the batter may spread out and liquefy while baking; if you’re too aggressive when folding, you could end up with flat, eggy sponges; if you cook them for too long, they can get brittle like Pavlovas.

Cloud bread is a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it recipe.

And here is a link to 4-ingredient low carb cloud bread from Perfect Keto.

Returning to the Huffington Post article on Keto Bread-Fathead Dough Derivatives:

Every keto dieter knows that fathead dough ― a blend of melted mozzarella, cream cheese, almond flour and egg ― is the holy grail of keto-friendly pizza dough. It’s also a very versatile recipe that can be turned into rolls, breadsticks and even keto calzones or sausage rolls.

Ketchum came up with a fathead-inspired bagel recipe as the result of a happy accident, and it’s nothing short of the answer to your keto breakfast-sandwich prayers. “I was trying out the keto gnocchi, which is just eggs and mozzarella, and I couldn’t get it to hold together,” Ketchum explains. “So I added coconut flour. But I still couldn’t get it to hold together when being boiled or pan-fried, so I baked the gnocchi for a bit. And then I realized it would make really good bagel dough!”

These aren’t big fat chewy New York bagels ― it’s not possible without bread flour and yeast ― but they are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and the perfect vessels for eggs, sausage and cheese.

Returning to the Huffington Post article on Keto Bread-“Amazing bread” and Keto Connect’s coconut loaf:

Nutritionist, cookbook author and keto blogger Maria Emmerich says she spent about nine months and several 25-pound bags of almond flour to perfect her “amazing bread.” And boy, does it show. This stuff rises like real bread, has a nice crumb, and can be used as a hearty sliceable loaf, sub rolls or hamburger buns. Be warned, though: Follow her recipe to the letter, weigh your ingredients and make no substitutions if you want perfect results.

If you have a nut allergy ― or just want to try something different ― Keto Connect’s rosemary garlic coconut loaf is sturdy and sliceable, not overly coconut-y, and works great as toast. Because this bread doesn’t rise particularly high, it’s more suitable for a knife-and-fork style open-faced sandwich.

Get the recipe for Keto Connect’s rosemary garlic coconut loaf

Most convenient, but at a price: Store-bought keto bread

If you just want convenience, you can always opt for one of the many pre-made keto (or even paleo) low-carb breads on the market. But know that you’re going to pay for that convenience, as most low-carb breads are super-spendy.


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