Cystic Lung Disease – Quick Review From ICU One Pagers

In this post I link to and post the Infographic by Dr. Nick Mark, a critical care specialist, on Cystic Lung Disease [Link is to the complete list of One Pagers].

Before reviewing Dr. Mark’s outstanding resource, please review Links To And Excerpts From “Imaging protocols for CT chest: A recommendation”
Posted on October 10, 2020 by Tom Wade MD

Note to myself: The article referenced in the above post is outstanding and should be read again in its entirety prior to reviewing Dr. Mark’s One Pager.

And here are the excerpts from Dr. Mark’s One Pager:

Cystic Lung Disease Overview

#pulmonary #radiology #ILD #cysticLungDisease

Cystic lung disease is complicated. Here’s an overview of the definitions of emphysema, cavity, and cyst as well as a deep dive into all the etiologies that can cause diffuse cystic lung disease (DCLD).

Current version 1.0 (originally posted 2020-11-15)

Link to download the PDF [The PDF has outstanding live links to all the topics reviewed. Thank you, Dr. Mark]

Here is the link to the PNG copy of Dr. Mark’s One Pager-It is more readable than the copy in this post:



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