Dr. Mellick’s Video On Cardioversion Of Atrial Flutter

In this post I link to and embed  Dr. Larry Mellick‘s [Link is to Dr. Mellick’s outstanding YouTube channel] YouTube video, Cardioversion Of Atrial Flutter, Jun 16, 2012, 9:52.

Dr. Mellick writes:

This video demonstrates the successful cardioversion of a patient with an atrial flutter tachycardia. Our patient has given permission for the creation and posting of this video.

Here is the video embedded:

When you watch on YouTube, you can follow along with the auto-generated transcript which is usually very accurate.

To follow along with the auto-generated transcript, just click on “.  .  .” below the video screen on the far right.

A menu will come up:

  • Report
  • Open transcript

Click on Open transcript and the transcript will open. You can now watch the video and read along with the auto-generated transcript.

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