“Emergencies In The First Month Of Life” – Case 4: Congenital Heart Disease – Part 4 Of 4 – Lecture And Slides From CHOP With A Link To Newborn Fever Clinical Pathway

This summary, Slide 49, contains the critical take home points from this outstanding lecture:

For an outstanding free e-book on neonatology, please see The Iowa Neonatology Handbook:

The Iowa Neonatology Handbook is an ongoing effort by the Division of Neonatology at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to provide physicians, nurses, and medical students who care for newborn infants a collection of protocols outlining rational approaches to the care of critically ill neonates. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the field of neonatology, nor is it implied that the therapeutic approaches outlined in this book are established policies or standards of care. Rather, they represent a compilation of the experience and clinical styles of the members of our division and are intended only as a guide to therapy.

Here is a link to the outstanding Emergencies In The First Month Of Life From Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.

And here is the link to the outstanding clinical pathway ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Febrile Young Infants (0-56 Days Old) from CHOP.

Here is the link to The Clinical Pathways Library [a comprehensive list of the clinical pathways at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)].

For a complete list of the outstanding pediatric FOAM courses from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, please see CHOP Open-access Medical Education.

I’ve divided the slides of the lecture into 4 parts.

This post is Part 4 – Summary and Case 4: Congenital Heart Disease.

Slide 1:

Slide 3:

Slide 31:

Slide 32:

Slide 33:


Slide 34:

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Slide 36:

Slide 37:

Slide 38:

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Slide 40:

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Slide 42:


Slide 43:

Slide 44:

Slide 45:

Protocol for use of prostaglandin E from The Iowa Neonatology Handbook.

Slide 46:

Slide 47

Slide 48:

Slide 49



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