Genetics Resources For Primary Clinicians – Help From Medical Geneticist Dr. Reed And The Curbsiders

The Curbsiders most recent post, #139 Genetic Testing in Primary Care With Dr, Dallas Reed FEBRUARY 11, 2019 By MATTHEW WATTO, MD, is like all their podcasts and show notes, outstanding. The link above is to the podcast and show notes.

I have embedded the podcast here. It is outstanding and the podcast emphasizes that genetic testing can do more harm than good. Therefore, before a doctor orders a genetic screening test, he or she should strongly consider first discussing the case with a genetics specialist.

There are many subtleties to ordering and interpreting genetic testing.

Patients are strongly urged not to order genetic tests on their own as testing may cause unintended harm. Instead, consult with a genetics specialist or or with your physician who, in many cases, will want to consult with a genetics specialist.

Additional Resources:

(1) Stanford Epigenetics Lecture Notes from Coursera

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