Learning To Code Online For Free – Help From Freecodecamp

Coding is fun and you can learn to code for free online at places like www.freecodecamp.org. Visit the site and “learn to code for free.”
Go ahead and visit the site if you want to learn to program. They send out emails from time to time and here is one I just recieved, enjoy:
Quincy Larson <quincy@freecodecamp.org>
Here are this week’s three links that are worth your time:
1. 200 universities around the world just launched 560 free online courses. Here’s the full list, sorted by category: https://fcc.im/2gJktf8
2. Remember the $86 million license plate scanner that an Australian developer replicated in just 57 lines of code? Well he built a prototype just to prove to skeptics that it worked. And he immediately caught someone who was driving on a cancelled license (11 minute read): https://fcc.im/2y4j4qI
3. freeCodeCamp just published a massive free guide to Bootstrap 4. It dives deep into responsive web design (67 minute read): https://fcc.im/2laYcIf
Bonus: Here’s a free 73-page eBook on how to establish your career in web development. It features interviews with me, Wes Bos, and a bunch of other developers – all sharing lessons we’ve learned along our coding journey: https://fcc.im/2i5NNJp
If you get value out of these emails, consider supporting our nonprofit: https://donate.freecodecamp.org
Happy coding!
– Quincy Larson
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