Link To Dr. Weingart’s Awesome Video “EMCrit Podcast 231 – How to Practice Cricothyroidotomy (Cric)” With Additional Resources

Here is a link to Dr. Scott Weingart‘s to the outstanding show notes and vidcast EMCrit 231 – How to Practice Cricothyroidotomy (Cric) August 25, 2018.

All I can say is Wow! The procedure shown in the above video is short and clear.  And it answered a question about putting your index finger into the wound to palpate the back of the cricothyroid membrane and then how to pass the boogie correctly — awesome.

Dr. Weingart says in the video that you [if you are an emergency physician] will probably only need to do one in your whole career. And therefore, he recommends considering making an appointment with yourself once a month to practice the procedure twice.

For those of us who are not in emergency medicine or critical care, it isn’t clear how much time we should invest in learning and staying skilled in this procedure. But Dr. Weingart’s posts on the procedure make it possible for us primary care physicians learn and perform the procedure. You have to decide based on your practice environment and other demands on your learning time.

And here is a link to EMCrit Wee – An Amazing (Wearable) Cric Trainer from Laura Duggan and the Airway Collaboration Folks July 24, 2017. Dr. Laura Dugan has created a 3-D cric model that you can make yourself that she is giving away for free. On the page there is a link to the 3-D printer model. Also there are links where you can simply purchase the 3-D printer.

Here are additional resources for cricothyrotomy and airway management that I have linked to on my blog.

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