Neonatal Glucose Monitoring Dx and Rx Flow Charts From CHOP

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Posted on January 19, 2019 by Tom Wade MD
This post contains links to and excerpts from the resources on Neonatal Glucose Monitoring [Link is to the flow chart] and the IV Treatment Pathway from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Glucose Monitoring of the Healthy Newborn, 0 to 36 hours of age
Glucose Actions
< 30 Notify practitioner, IV Treatment Pathway

Notify practitioner

Feed Breastfeed or expressed breast milk or formula PO, gavage
Repeat AC 30 minutes after feeding finished
If < 45 Notify practitioner, admit NICU / SCN
If ≥ 45 Repeat AC in 2-3 hours
40-49 Repeat AC in 2-3 hours
≥ 50
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