“Overview Of Ventilator Modes” From ICU one pagers By Dr Nick Mark

Today I link to the awesome blog from intensivist Dr Nick Mark’s ICU one pagers. Dr. Mark has constructed outstanding Infographics on critical care topics.

Note to myself: To see a list of all of Dr. Mark’s one pagers on my blog, just go to the categories list and click ICU one pagers.

Today I’m going to post Dr Mark’s ICU one pager on Overview of Ventilator Modes:

Overview of Ventilator Modes

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Choosing the ‘right’ ventilator mode and settings can be tricky. Here’s an ICU #OnePager with an overview of the most common modes (Volume Control Pressure Control, PRVC, SIMV, PS, etc) including pros and cons for each and an overview of the parameters you need to set. This #OnePager also defines some important concepts like Trigger, Cycle, and Limit.

Current version 1.0 (2020-04-03)

Download PDF

Download PNG

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