Resources On The Use Of IV Magnesium Sulfate For Torsade de Pointes

Here are excerpts from resources on the use of IV Magnesium Sulfate on the treatment of Torsade de Pointes.

2020 Handbook of EmergUency Cardiovascular Care For Healthcare Providers from the American Heart Association.

Magnesium Sulfate

  • Indications
    • Recommendeed for use in cardiac arrest only if torsades de pointes or suspected hypomagnesemia is present
    • Life-threatening ventricular arrythmias due to digitalis toxicity.
    • Routine administration in hospitalized patients with AMI is not recommended.
  • Precautions
    • Occasional fall in blood pressure with rapid administration.
    •  Use with caution if renal failure present
  • Adult Dosage
    • Cardiac Arrest (Due to Hypomagnesium or Torsades de Pointes)
      • 1-2 g (2-4 mL of a 50% solution diluted in 10 mL [eg, D5W, normal saline] given IV/IO)
    • Torsades de Pointes with a pulse or AMI with Hypomagnesemia
      • Loading doseof 1-2 g mixed in 50-100 ml of diluent (eg, D5W, normal saline) over 5-60 minutes IV
      • Follow with 0.5-1 g per hour IV (titrate to control torsades)

Torsades de Pointes from the Internet Book Of Critical Care [Link is to the Table of Contents]. November 22, 2016, by Dr. Josh Farkas


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