Table Of Contents And The ITLS Primary Survey From The International Trauma Life Support For Emergency Care Providers Textbook

I recently completed the International Trauma Life Support Course (ITLS) at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. It was an excellent course and I believe that any clinician interested in trauma care will benefit from it.

This blog is basically my study notes and my peripheral brain. Placing my notes online makes makes them available to me anywhere. And that is because the excellent built-in search function of the content management software [WordPress]  makes it easy to find my notes on any topic when I want to review them.

This post contains excerpts from International Trauma Life Support For Emergency Care Providers*  Manual, 2016*.

* Here are links to:

Specifically, this post consists of the Table Of Contents on p. iv and a copy of the outstanding ITLS Primary Survey


The ITLS Primary Survey Consists of Three Components:

  • Scene Sizeup
  • Initial Assessment
  • Rapid Trauma Assessment

Using this protocol you will be able to quickly and confidently initiate the correct emergency life saving care for your patient.

The ITLS Primary Survey

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