A List Of Thyroid Diseases With Links To emedicine.medscape.com – A Reliable Online Information Source

Recently I was asked to review [give a second opinion] the clinical and laboratory data for a patient diagnosed with and treated for hypothyroidism.

For clinicians or patients who want a thorough introduction to the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism, I strongly recommend the podcast and show notes of #208 Hypothyroidism Master Class with Susan Mandel MD, MPH
APRIL 20, 2020 By ELENA GIBSON from The Curbsiders [Link is to the complete episode list]

Below are some of the resources that I used.

In this post I list thyroid diseases and link to some very reliable online resources for each thyroid disease.

Here is the list of thyroid diseases [all links are from emedicine.medscape.com  unless otherwise noted]:

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