EMCrit Intubation Checklist–Don’t Leave Home Without It!

This checklist is from Dr. Scott Weingart’s outstanding podcast series, EMCrit.

A link to this checklist is included in Dr. Weingart’s Podcast 92 – EMCrit Intubation Checklist. February 5, 2013 by emcrit [The show notes have a link to this pdf checklist as well as links to lectures on every aspect of emergency airway management. You probably shouldn’t pick up a laryngoscope until you have mastered every resource in Dr. Weingart’s postcast and show notes].

The checklists below are jpgs and so not really suitable to print out and save. I just posted them to my blog so I’d have quicker access. Use the pdf checklist link to Dr. Weinguart’s pdf file.

EMCrit Checklist1


EMCrit Checklist2


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