EMCrit Podcast 217 – The Ultimate Ultimate BVM – A VidCast From Dr. Weingart

The most important skill for all doctors and nurses is airway management. Without skilled airway management (meaning the ability to recognize and manage respiratory distress or respiratory failure) your patient can die before the help you summon can arrive.

Fortunately, Dr. Weingart and his emergency medicine colleagues have made the skills of airway management accessible to all clinicians.

As I have written before, this blog is simply my study notes (or as we used to say — my peripheral brain).

To review all the resources on airway management on the blog, go to the Categories box and click on Select Categories. Then click on “Airway Management” and you’ll find all posts on airway management.

Now on to Dr. Weingart’s latest airway management vidcast: EMCrit Podcast 217 – The Ultimate Ultimate BVM [link is to the video on the EMCrit page].

I’ve embedded the direct YouTube video link here because if you watch it here (on YouTube) you can follow along with the surprisingly accurate transcript of the vidcast. To open the transcript, just click on    ”  . . .   ”  [it’s at the end of the Thumbs Up line just under the title] and then click on “Open Transcript”.


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