Google [Spread] Sheets + OpenOffice Calc – YouTube Videos On How To Do Text Wrap

When doing research for a new e-commerce site or other business venture, you’ll be gathering a lot of information from the internet and from conversations with other people.

The best way to organize your research is by using a spreadsheet program. I use Google Sheets and Open Office Calc. Both are equivalent to Microsoft Excel and both cost less (actually Calc) is free.

For further guidance on performing and organizing your data, see Will It Fly by Pat Flynn.

This brief YouTube video will show you how to do text wrap in Google [Spread] sheets.

Published on Aug 18, 2016

Wrapping Text in Cells // Google Sheets
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In the next video, the author shows how to break a line of text in a cell by hitting Control – N where you want the break.

Patricia Whitmore Published on Mar 4, 2017

This next [last]t post is how to do text wrap on all the cells in an Open Office Calc spreadsheet [the technique is basically the same as in Google Sheets]. Although the author does it in the video, he doesn’t explain or note it: The first thing you do is to click on the rectangle at the top between the rows and columns as this selects all the cells in the spread sheet. Then select a cell [with all the cells still selected – still blue] and right click and then click on “Format Cells . . .”. Then in the Format Cells Box, click on “Alignment” tab and then in the “Properties” section, check the “Wrap Text Automatically” box and then click “Okay”. Now all of the cells will do text wrap.

How To Liveable Published on Aug 11, 2014

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